WEEK OF March 2-5

MATH--  Multiplying and Dividing fractions  

READING-- "Brian's Winter"

SCIENCE-- Chapter 17 Earth and Space

ENGLISH-- story maps and poetry

SPELLING-- Prefixes part 2, list is on spellingcity.com

S.S.--  Finish with the middle colonies and start on the southern colonies

OTHER NOTES:  Band on Tuesday.  

Science fair was such a great success.  Thank you for taking the time to help your children with their projects. I announced the winners to the class.  I am keeping the ribbons and certificates until awards day.

We will be having a test over Science chapter 17 when we finish.  I will get a study guide out early so students have ample time to study before the test.  We are just starting the chapter so it will be at least two weeks before the test.  I will send out an email about the date of the test when we get closer to finishing the chapter.




























































































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